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Philately Exposed - Nudes On Stamps

The postal authorities of the world
throughout philatelic history
have used famous painters' nudes on stamps.

Titian - Venus Anadyomene

My collection represents breath-taking, philatelic art
depicting and reproducing some of the world's best known masterpieces.

The Trucial States were blacklisted in the philatelic "Black Blot" lists of the 1970's.

Black Blot

They're becoming scarcer, more valuable, more collectible.
Many were destroyed.

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Art/80.jpg Art/79n.jpg Art/78n.jpg Art/77n.jpg
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Art/72.jpg Art/71n.jpg Art/70n.jpg Art/69n.jpg
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Art/64n.jpg Art/63n.jpg Art/62n.jpg Art/61n.jpg
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Art/52n.jpg Art/51n.jpg Art/50n.jpg Art/49n.jpg
Art/48n.jpg Art/47n.jpg Art/46n.jpg Art/45n.jpg
Art/44n.jpg Art/43n.jpg Art/42n.jpg Art/41n.jpg
Art/40n.jpg Art/39n.jpg Art/38n.jpg Art/37n.jpg
Art/36n.jpg Art/35n.jpg Art/34n.jpg Art/33n.jpg
Art/32n.jpg Art/31n.jpg Art/30n.jpg Art/29n.jpg
Art/28n.jpg Art/27n.jpg Art/26n.jpg Art/25n.jpg
Art/24n.jpg Art/23n.jpg Art/22n.jpg Art/21n.jpg
Art/20n.jpg Art/19n.jpg Art/18n.jpg Art/17n.jpg
Art/16n.jpg Art/15n.jpg Art/14n.jpg Art/13n.jpg
Art/12n.jpg Art/11n.jpg Art/10n.jpg Art/9n.jpg
Art/8n.jpg Art/7n.jpg Art/6n.jpg Art/5n.jpg
Art/4n.jpg Art/3n.jpg Art/2b.jpg Art/1.jpg